2013 Creation of the Barnier Déco range

This range is mainly intended for professional painters and decorators looking for stable quality products for numerous temporary or more long-term applications on interior or exterior sites.
Decoration follows the fashion and new functions are nowadays expected from adhesive tapes, especially for precise re-touching on rough or delicate surfaces.

2011 Creation of the Barnier System range

In order to comply with the French 2012 energy performance regulations, Barnier launches the Barnier System® range. This range combines the level of quality required for this highly specialised application with the necessary guarantees validated by external laboratories, along with all the instructions necessary for its application.

1993 Scapa, an essential contribution

Scapa buys the Valence site which becomes a global expert in the adhesive tapes sector for the construction industry market !
The retail business is sold and Barnier becomes the specialist for professionals !
New products are offered including Thermofilm®, Bandétanche® and more recently, Le Vert®, the first environmentally-friendly adhesive tape !

1981 A new order

After 60 years of real innovations, the Barnier family sells off its business to the Borden group, a specialist in glues and adhesives.
The DIY and Retail division is created and the Barnier® brand becomes more widely available.

1970 Birth of the Barnier® 6095

A revolutionary product is launched ! Its advantages make it one of the most preferred products among building professionals. A number of competitors try to copy it, but without success. To meet demand a second factory is built !

1945 An avant-garde factory

New buildings are built after the war : a really avant-garde building ! Processing plastic materials is improving and the company soon starts to calendar PVC films and adhesive coatings.

1930 Surprising innovations

Following a fire that was undoubtedly the result of an arson attack, Mr Barnier turns to processing plastic materials.

1919 Creation of the Barnier factory

The engineer Pierre Barnier invents the “Chatterton” double-sided fabric in his makeshift laboratory.

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