Protection of large indoor surfaces Time-saving

2 in 1 : Transparent film and premium paper masking adhesive

Easy to cut by hand with straight edges : quicker, more conve- nient.

  • Excellent for painting and HVLP spraying
  • Clean and clear edges
  • Conformable thanks to its lightly creped paper
  • Transparent electrostatic film which gives immediate adhesion
    to windows, etc...
  • Easy hand cut

>Download a pdf of the technical sheet

Unit Nominale value
Width/Total thickness of adhesive mm 19/0.11
Thickness film PE mm 0,0875
Temperature resistant °C 80°
Adhesion to Steel N/cm 3,9
Sizes Art. num. Roll/box
20mx600mm 168082 25
20mx1200mm 168079 20
20mx1800mm 168081 20
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